Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Dear Sir,

Question is not-why am I not holding promotion letter today. But relative movement in my surrounding area; is telling me that there is something terribly wrong with me.

Am I wrong person at wrong place? I have this thought from day one. I was asked whether you would like to study further? ; where I was just passed out from college and aware of nothing about this professional life. When I said yes; it simply meant that I will be paid to learn and I will not add any value to company. So I don’t deserve any job assignment here. Is that still true?

Finally I am posted to a location which is alien (may be alien is bit exaggerated word) to me at some extent. What all things I have there? Electrical engineering degree books which I have not ever read. What all resources available here at workplace? and will it be able to provide enough knowledge to me? Even today also I do not have sufficient answer to this?

Transformer incident or alarm that I missed or bus section breaker. Whether I was only person there? I don’t think so; even my personal observations also don’t support it. But future incidents say I was only present there. And ultimately I am not the person to conclude anything.

I don’t know what is happening around me but all these questions have put me puzzled state.

Or it is an ignored thing parked aside. Because even when I received my transferred letter, no one checked at least the name is written right or not? I am sure it has been signed by higher authority and gone through senior people. Now I am going to face my 5th review. And I will have many more surprises ahead also??

At end again, what all have written, will be decided by what meaning you will take.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Engulfed with ‘REVOLUTION 2020’

‘Aarti’ who is she? May be some imaginary character in the novel.
It seems like I am part of her life or the person who loved her from his childhood.
Overall conclusion out of Gopal’s behavior is bit negative expect his true affection towards Aarti. And this love is the only thing that is making me take Gopal’s side.
I reached at moment where few pages left but I don’t want to read ahead. Though many issues has made their life complicated but the love; he is begging since its childhood; finally got him.
Next day I finished last bit of story. why did this Gopal behaved stupidly at end? why are we here in this world? what makes us stay here? For the love which he never had; he did blunders in his life. And now he has it; he wants to be good person. what is this rubbish? why not to be selfish for your own existence?
And the girl; what about her feeling? If you don't care about your own; at least think a bit of hers.
I don't think he has proved that he is good person by doing this.

  • Night at Ramada
  • phoolchand bhai a boatman at assi ghat 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As usual, an unaccepted stop has landed in job. And my crew is working on it. There is some jugad which we are on the way to find it out. It is like playing a game whose rules will be decided as you move in the game.
It’s almost 00:00 hrs in the clock and humming sound of24 MW machine is irritating me.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Its a poet who is converting his thinking into sweat words.
I also tried. but I am very weak yet.
Its only tools I have, else how would you understand me?
My thought hovering on top of me, waiting to come down and sleep on piece of paper.
But they ask me to be perfect, I found they are little tense.
They are afraid because they know me very well.

Finally words are laying on piece of paper.
But piece of paper is no more in my realm.
Now someone else is holding it. There are unknown eyes looking at my words.
My words started praying to God-plz save me, make those new eye understand me rightly.
My words are more worried about me, since they owe me.

all of sudden my words started re forming into thoughts, 
I asked them, do u know me?
they r little bemused.
And I realised they are no more my thoughts.
again I missed; i could not say what i wanted to.

Friday, July 19, 2013


We require scrupulous efforts now.

Mind has to screech for results.

I am trying not be magniloquent. Its a scrimmage and i cant get maimed

There is someone too who is forming machinations.

But it has end immaculated.